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Are you a creative and energetic teacher who's not afraid to have fun? 

Do you love children and helping them succeed? 

Are you an experienced teacher with the right certification? 

If so, then this may be the job for you!



We always try to : 

- inspire confidence

- spread happiness

- uphold honesty

- build value


Here at Kodojo, we introduce students to the joys of learning a language. 

Our curriculum uses games, tasks, and other activities designed to motivate students to speak while also developing their confidence and other language skills.

Our goal is not only to improve our students' language skills but also to leave a lasting positive impression of language learning.


4 Perks of the Job

Professional Development

Our environment fosters growth. We provide the needed support and resources to make your classes great! Our dedicated administrative staff works hard to help our teachers in every way possible.

Prepared Lessons & Materials

We provide lessons and materials to kick start your successful lessons that are both educational and fun.

Valuable Experience

Whether you are a new teacher or a teaching veteran, you will learn and develop your skills at Kodojo. 

Meaningful work

Our employees are vital to our success, cohesion, and work culture. That is why we pride ourselves on creating an environment in which our employees succeed and feel fulfilled.


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